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2-Deliberation, Single-Peakedness, and Voting Cycles (with Olivier Roy), preprint
3-Learning Probabilities: Towards a Logic of Statistical Learning (with Alexandru Baltag and Sonja Smets), preprint
4- Probabilistic Entailment on First Order Languages , preprint.
5- Probabilistic Models of First Order Theories: A symmetry Axiom to Rule Them All, preprint.
6- Learning From Conditionals (with Ben Eva and Stephan Hartmann), Mind, to appear.
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8- A Complete Axiomatisation of Logic of Lattice Effect Algebras (with Amirhossein Sharafi and Sonja Smets), Int. J. of Theoretical Physics, to appear
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Working Papers

Rational Deliberation: Balancing the Positive and the Negative (with Olivier Roy)
Order Dependence in Deliberation Over Preferences (with Olivier Roy)
Distance Based Judgement Aggregation and Approximation of Truth (with Stephan Hartmann and Wlodek Rabinomicz)
Logic of Rational Deliberation
Epistemic Utility Justification for Principles of Uncertain Reasoning
Non-Standard Probabilities over Dunn-Belnap Logic (with Dominik Klein and Ondrej Mayer)
From Qualitative Probabilities to Full Belief (with Alexandru Baltag)
A Categorical Analysis of Probabilistic Models and Their Bisimulations

PhD Thesess

Inference Process for First Order Probabilistic Languages - University of Manchester pdf
Four Essays in Mathematical Philosophy - Tilburg University pdf